I spent Thursday afternoon designing a website for my sorority, so I have no creative juices left in me – just viral juices, and those aren’t the ones I’d like to share. For now I’ve got someone else’s design up (and y’all know how I despise that), so I’m sure that soon I’ll find something to procrastinate over and figure out how to hand-code my own WordPress design.

Yes, yes, I’ve moved on to WordPress. Why? Because I am the master guru of Movable Type and after three days I cannot get it installed on this server. WP took me five minutes, and it would have been less if my internet connection hadn’t been so slow. Seeing as I was in the bathroom. Pooing.

I’ve been running about a 109 degree fever since Thursday morning. It was a little lower before that…like, 107. I think by the time I press “publish” on this post, I may be officially dead. My brain certainly feels like it’s liquified and poured out of my ears. And right in time for midterms! So exciting!

I have a 10 page paper due in one class, the prompt for which is ” “.

Did you catch that? Yeah, there is no prompt. It has to have something to do with what we’ve read, possibly, and it has to tie some things together, maybe, or prove a point. It doesn’t really seem to matter what that point is. When I see my professor now, I want to beat her with sticks. Sticks and a bit of my head that I’ve ripped off since it stopped being able to breathe, or swallow, or blink or really do anything at all without the help of massive doses of codeine and ibuprofin and my roommate had her headphones on so that she couldn’t hear the timer on the oven. But I could hear it. And I could hear the music she was listening to.

She’s not cooking me anything, like something that would make a poor girl with a viral infection feel better. No, she’s cooking our fish’s rocks. So that the bacteria dies.

I think perhaps cooking me might be the best way to go if all continues on its present course.

There are only so many ways to make tuna fish sandwiches. How do you like yours?