Was the subject of one of my emails today.

In other news, I’m up early and actually at school, with every intention of going to both classes today. I’m trying to get my SURF application written statement completed by 11:30, so that I can go harrass the graduate student who has now agreed to attach himself to it. Stupid, stupid graduate student.

And then there’s the ten page paper which as of now has no topic, no hypothesis, no… well, you get the picture. The picture is that it doesn’t exist in thought or in form. And my brain is in a sad state of affairs.

But my mother wants to start blogging! How fabulous is that?! Spring break, amidst all the thesifying, will be filled with setting up a place for her to write her wonderful, squishy, snuggly brains out. That’s my mom. Wonderful and squishy and snuggly. I wish she were here to take care of me right now, as I sit on the eighth floor of Davis library, fighting off four waves of feminism nausea and slamming my head into a wall.

Won’t it be fun to read my mom’s blog? I promise you’ll like her. She’s darling, and she dresses just like an elementary school teacher. Down to the apple pins on her long dresses and everything. She’s Adorable!Mom. That’s her action super hero name. I think that should be her blog title as well. ADORABLE!MOM! Faster than a speeding bullet! Grading more quick math than a steaming locomotive!

Enough. Must work.