Sometimes there are people that you don’t like in real life because they hurt you or something, and you have been hurt a long time, and you have some residual anger, or whatever. And you wish, sort of, that like, a truck would fall on their head, or an anvil. Or they would run into a painting of a tunnel on a wall, thinking there really was a tunnel there, but it would just be rock and they would smash their faces in and lots of blood would get on their new shirt that they had to buy at Wal-Mart because their life is so pathetic and sad because they were mean to you and so God made them have to shop at Wal-Mart.

But then something really bad happens to them in real life, or potentially bad, and you are all like “If something happened to this person I would cry.” And you would cry in real life, even though before you were imagining all of the things happening to them like God watching them on a computer screen with his finger just above a key on the keyboard labeled “SMITE.”

Just like that.

That is a strange thing about life, I think.