[He is risen indeed!]

Today, I am missing my family, particularly my dad. My mom, my insane sister and brother in law. My brother, my grandparents. Today I am missing my great-grandmother’s pizzelles and missing my great-grandmother even more. There’s been no more Easter bread since she died. Today I am missing California, and almost missing my old church. Today I am missing sitting on that stage with my flute in my hands, and today I am missing Sarah, Megan, Sarah, Sarah, Bethany, Kathleen, Alan, Jeremy, Wem and Ro and BJ…and all of the others. Today I am missing walking up to people and saying “He is Risen!” and having them say “He is risen, Indeed!” in response. Today I am missing my dad’s hugs, my mom’s cuddles, my sister’s insanity. It’s Easter outside, and I feel it in my heart – I know the symbolism and I know the remembrance are both so incredibly important, and I have them. But there’s a little bit of Good Friday loss inside of me as well.

If you’re with the people you love today, no matter what religion you are, hold them close. It might noy always be so, and you never want to miss the opportunity while you have it.