It’s one of those times when I just don’t know what to say or do. Prayer doesn’t seem like enough, even though I know it’s the biggest thing there is anyone can do in a situation like this. The death count is at 33 as I write this, and I’m sitting here, one state away, feeling so powerless.

It’s wrong, I think, to say that I think my campus is feeling empathetic. With Taheri-Azar driving through the Pit and Jason dying in New Jersey…especially, I think, with K Dot for the people I know/knew, I think we’ve…felt like we’ve gone through enough hell in the past year, I think we’ve been waiting for things to abate… I know everyone on campus this morning seemed in a daze, and it continues as the death toll mounts. I can’t compare our grief… I guess no one ever can.

I can’t even imagine what those students, those families, the campus community must be going through right now. So many horrible, fucked up things have happened that our students have tried to “quietly” struggle with while they get blasted all over international headlines, and this…this is just…so much…worse. I can’t even imagine. I can imagine, but I can’t even imagine.

It’s evil. It’s just evil, and I have no other word for it. We reel from accidents, we try our best to do what’s right, but this kind of horror is just un-fucking-speakable.

Our hearts and prayers and thoughts and love are with you, Virginia Tech. I can’t say it’ll ever be better, or even near the same again…I can’t say anything right now except I’m so, so sorry.