A bit of an explanation: If you’re a frequent talker-to-me, you know that I misunder-hear nearly everything that comes out of my friends’ mouths. I am constantly having to ask people to repeat themselves. Sometimes I do this by way of repeating what I thought I heard them say, with questioning intonation at the end. This has grown to the point of ridiculousness, and I blame it all on that crazy loud rock and roll music I listened to when I was your age. Also the walking barefoot in the snow to school. Uphill. Both ways. And that was before they invented shoes anyway. Or school. So really I was just walking uphill both ways to some random unspecified place. Or maybe I was walking through a hole in the space time continuum to a time when there was school, and I was going there. Either way, I was barefoot, missy, and don’t you forget it.

I’ll attempt to keep this semi-regularly updated, as I remember to jot them down.

The mis-hearings:

Thursday 1 March 2007:
What was said: “I had to talk about fat people clothes today. It was fun.”
What I heard: “I had to talk about fat people getting on a space megatron.”

Tuesday 27 March 2007:
What was said: “His butt was gyrating.”
What I heard: “His butt was Charlie.”

Wednesday 11 April 2007:
What was said: “This is the cutest picture ever.”
What I heard: “I got accused by a trucker.”

Saturday 14 April 2007″
What was said: “The flying gear is jammed!”
What I heard: “The blanket is jam!!”
-From Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets